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Welcome to the department's home page

The Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, Faculty of Economics and Technology, University of Peloponnese was founded by the Presidential Decree no. 70 of May 28, 2013, and resulted from the merging of Department of Computer Science and Technology and the Department of Telecommunications Science and Technology.

The Department's mission is the cultivation of the science and the technology of computer information processing systems and their applications as well as the training of computer scientists according to the needs of the economy, research, industry and education.

The Department offers a modern undergraduate curriculum, covering cutting-edge issues in computing and telecommunications. Department's graduates should have analytical and structured way of thinking and should be able to combine theory with practice. The professional rights of the Department's graduates were established by the Presidential Decree no. 44, published in the Government Gazette 58 SD' / 08.04.2009.

To further deepen the scientific field of computer science and telecommunications, the Department offers graduate programs leading to MSc degrees, and PhDs.