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Undergraduate studies program

As future scientists, Department graduates should be able to combine theory and practice, to have an analytic and structured way of thinking, and to combine techniques and methodologies from various disciplines. The Department faculty members have designed the curriculum in order to fulfill the above objectives by combining theory and practice.


The duration of the Undergraduate studies at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications is four years - eight semesters. Curriculum courses are divided into

Core courses provide fundamental knowledge in computer science and telecommunications, and to properly prepare for specialized courses offered at the Department. A final year project (undergraduate thesis) is also a required and mandatory course available to students at the 7th and 8th semester. 

Specialization courses provide expert knowledge in 2 possible directions: Informatics and Telecommunications. Once students chose a direction in their studies, then specialization courses are considered required in the chosen direction. However, students that chose a direction can also study courses of the other direction but in this case, they count as elective.
Free elective courses provide general knowledge from different disciplines and domains and include courses in law, administration, e-business, and education.

Analytic Course Guide (Undergraduate Studies Guide).