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MSc in advanced telecommunication systems and networks

The general objectives of the graduate program "Advanced Telecommunication Systems and Networks" are the following:

  • The promotion of knowledge and the development of research in telecommunication systems and networks and related sciences and disciplines.
  • The learning of both the theoretical and the technological content of the wider area of telecommunications systems and networks.
  • The specialization in areas of telecommunication systems and networks, to ensure that holders of the allocated M.Sc. have high professional qualifications and increased capacity to promote research.

The program is suitable for University or Technological Education Institute graduates (either Greek or recognized foreign institutions) from a similar discipline (e.g. IT Science and Mathematics, Physics, Computer Engineering, etc.). The minimum duration of studies is 3 semesters of which 2 involve taught courses and 1 is dedicated to the preparation of a thesis.

The course schedule for the spring semester of 2015-16, is available here.

For more information, please refer to the program’s webpage, "Advanced Telecommunication Systems and Networks".