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MSc in computer science

The general goals of the MSc program are summarized as follows:

  • The promotion of knowledge and the development of research in Computer Science and related fields.
  • The specialization in areas of Computer Science that will allow MSc holders to have increased professional qualifications in the related fields and increased capacity to promote research.
  • The preparation of scientists and researchers, capable for contributing to the promotion of research, technology and higher education in the field of Computer Science and Technology.

The program direction that will be offered during the academic year 2015-2016 (State of the Art Technologies and Research Areas in Computer Science) is addressed to students that seek to specialize in specific state-of-the-art research issues and acquire the necessary foundations for further research in Computer Science.

Duration of studies

The minimum duration of the MSc program is three (3) semesters. During the first two semesters the postgraduate student takes courses and in the third semester he/she carries out the Master thesis. In exceptional cases the maximum duration may reach five (5) semesters.

More information

For more information, you can visit the M.Sc. programme's web page (in Greek).

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