MSc in computer science and technology

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The general goals of the MSc program are summarized as follows:

The program direction that will be offered during the academic year 2015-2016 (State of the Art Technologies and Research Areas in Computer Science) is addressed to students that seek to specialize in specific state-of-the-art research issues and acquire the necessary foundations for further research in Computer Science.

Duration of studies

The minimum duration of the MSc program is three (3) semesters. During the first two semesters the postgraduate student takes courses and in the third semester he/she carries out the Master thesis. In exceptional cases the maximum duration may reach five (5) semesters.

Admission Criteria and Deadline for Applications

Graduates of Departments of Faculties of Science and Polytechnic Schools which are domestic or are foreign but are recognized as equivalent and graduates of Departments of Faculties of Technological Applications can be accepted in the MSc program.
The maximum number of entrants is 40. For the academic year 2015-2016 maximum 40 students will be accepted.
Detailed information on the selection criteria and the required documents are available in the call for applications to the MSc program and can be downloaded from the course webpage (, together with the application.
Application deadline: 25th September 2015.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee for the entire course is 2.100€. The fees can be paid in 3 equal installments at the beginning of each of the three first semesters. Alternatively, students can choose not to pay, but provide services to the Department.

Requirements for acquiring the Masters Degree

In order to acquire the master degree, the student should:

  1. Fulfill the fundamental knowledge requirement as defined in the regulations of postgraduate studies (defined on a per-student basis by the Department's assembly).
  2. Accumulate at least 30 ECTS units per semester.
  3. Successfully take the examinations in the required classes.
  4. Undertake and complete a Master thesis in the chosen area.
  5. Fully pay the tuition fees, as decided in the master course regulations. For those that chose to offer services, the work allocated to them should be completed.

Course program

The course program and module description can be found here (PDF PDF file in Greek).

Schedule (Spring Semester 2015-16)

The Schedule for the Spring Semester of Academic Year 2015-16 can be found here (in Greek).

Postgraduate Program Committee

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