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Faculty - member

Vassilakis Costas

Rank: Professor
Office: A7

Tel: +30 2710 372203 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: +30 2710 372206 Web: personal web page

Research Interests:

Semantic web, service-oriented architectures, distributed systems, e-government and e-commerce, temporal databases, object oriented programming.

Short Bio:

Costas Vassilakis is a professor in the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of the Peloponnese, in the subject of Information Systems. He has received his degree from the Department of Informatics of the University of Athens in 1990 and his PhD from the same department in 1995. During the period 1991-1995 he received a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation. He has conducted research in the subjects of information systems, systems software and netcentric systems, having published over 130 relevant papers in international scientific journals and conferences. He has participated in more than 25 international and national research and development projects. His scientific interests include information systems, semantic web, service-oriented architectures and information presentation issues.

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Pan-Hellenic Robotics Competition Results

This year, for the first time, six students of the Informatics and Telecommunications Department participated in the WRO Hellas Pan-Hellenic Robotics Competition, which has been held for 10 years already. The competition was held in July 2018 at the closed athletic stadium in Galatsi, Athens.

The team of our university competed in presenting a robotic mechanism for plowing and sowing farmland. In this competition our team took the fifth (5th) position. We congratulate our students and their coaches on their success and we wish them even greater distinctions in the future.

CISCO lecture "basic networking principles - wired and wireless networks"

The University of Peloponnese in cooperation with CISCO invite you on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 in the lecture: Basic networking principles - Wired and wireless networks. The lecture will be held on room I4 at 12:00.

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance. A precondition for obtaining the certificate is to register in the following form. The registration should not take place after Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 20:00.

Two annual scholarships for the course CCNA Routing and Switching in the CISCO Networking Academy "Interlei" will be provided at the end of the lecture.

First telecom day: undergraduate theses in the "real world"

The First Telecom and the Software and Database Systems Laboratory invite you on Thursday 15.10.2015 at 11:00 in the lecture Dissertations for the «real world»

The conference will be held in room I5 and the following topics will be presented:

  1. Introduction
    Cooperation framework with the First Telecoms
    Petros Papadimitriou, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, graduated from the University of Karlsruhe.

  2. Advanced techniques for scraping (data extraction) / crawling (web collection) in the internet
    Retrieval of web pages and extraction of data by taking into account the semantics
    Konstantinos Raissis, Chief Technology Officer, graduated from the National Technical University of Athens.

  3. Notions of portals in the context of their development with the Python language
    Design principles and implementation of web portals using the Python language
    Argyris Ksiros, ICT applications developer, graduated from the University of Peloponnese.

  4. Questions

In the above areas, topics of dissertations will be announced to be carried out by students of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, with the co-supervision by faculty members and First Telecom.

The exposition "accelerating science" of CERN in Tripolis

The University of Peloponnese in collaboration with the Municipality of Tripoli brings the interactive CERN's exhibition "Accelerating Science" in Tripolis! The exhibition will be hosted by the Apostolopouleio Cultural Center of Tripoli from Sunday, October 4th until Monday, October 12th. The openings will be held on Monday, October 5 at 17:00, in the same place, with talks from distinguished scientists and students worked at CERN. Looking forward to explore together the mysteries of the universe!

The invitation to the inauguration event (PDF file, 220KB)

More information:

Erasmus+ day

Next week we will have the honor and pleasure to have with us the visiting professor of the European University of Cyprus, Assist. Prof. Dr Konstantinos Katzi.
As part of his visit, he will give two talks on the following topics:

Wednesday, March 18 at 13:00 in room Ι4 the talk will include the topics:

  • Presentation of the European University of Cyprus
  • Ιt’s all about data: The Data Network & Efficient Radio Resource Management Satisfied Customers – Profitable Market

Friday, March 20 at 13:00 in Stassinopoulos room the talk will focus on:

  • High Altitude Platforms Delivering Broadband / Emergency Communication Services

Short biography of the speaker and summary of lectures (available in PDF).